Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pop Stars of the Apocalypse

I recently stumbled upon this hilarious page which claims that various rock and pop stars (well, 3 of them) believed in some of the doomsday prophecies plaguing 2012. I don't know how serious the author is, but if this is a satire, i'm going to have to tip my hat. The main stars mentioned are Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and, perhaps not so predictably, Jimi Hendrix.

These claims come from a book by Michael Luckman; musicologist and director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research. Yes, musicologist AND paranormal researcher.

Michael Jackson
Apparently MJ met Luckman and confided to him that he believed in the biblical end of times, as well as expressing his concern that the world was sick "like a fever". He also, according to the page, wanted to build a big alien welcome mat in the desert and moonwalk on the moon.

So how does this add any validity to doomsday claims? I don't know either.

Elvis Presley
Allegedly, Elvis also had a thing for biblical end of times prophecies, and had plans to do peace tours in the Middle East to stop World War 3. Here's the kicker, though - Elvis also "was said" to have believed that the Maya were spot on with "their so-called doomsday calendar". He even wore a jumpsuit featuring this doomsday calendar.

Wait, what? When did the Maya make a doomsday calendar? It looks like what they mean is the long count calendar, which makes no apocalyptic predictions whatsoever.


Jimi Hendrix
According to the page, Hendrix criticised "the Establishment" and said that it was going to crumble away. Surprising, right? He apparently "predicted" a disastrous pole shift and asteroid impact. In future posts i'm going to look at these 2 scenarios, but for now let's get back to reality for a second.

I'm going to have to stop right here and say that Jimi Hendrix was a fantastic musician. So were Elvis and MJ. Does that mean they have any better an idea about the future than you or I? There is some speculation that the talent and eccentricity of these stars point to them being from another world, and being privy to things that we humans aren't. But come on. Seriously...

So... what about The Beatles? Trent Reznor? The Rolling Stones? Jay Z? The Beastie Boys? Beyonce? Hell, Justin Bieber? No? No doomsday predictions there? I haven't actually read this book (which is called "Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection", and Prince William has read it FYI), but hey, maybe Henry Rollins has something to say about solar flares.

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  1. let me guess, some film stars might be next to be mentioned? Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, oh hang on......